Friday, May 28, 2010

Tokyo Day 6: Blogging at Strange Hours with Sake and Onigiri

Day 5 ended around 10pm Tokyo time and the morning of Day 6 began a little after 1 am... I don't know if I was anxious about leaving Tokyo and our trip home, or anxious about all the things we still had to finish from the refrigerator before leaving and the fact that we had begun to pack for home - but I couldn't sleep any longer...

I crawled out of bed and turned on the computer... things were running through my mind about our trip so I decided to hop on the blog and write a few things down while listening to SBeast sleep away... she crawled out of bed around 2 am - inquiring what I was doing awake... so I reminded her of all the remaining treats we were supposed to finish the night before, but had crashed from our aching feet instead...

a little after 2 am, we pulled out our sake and onigiri (rice ball wrapped in seaweed)and began our toast to Tokyo... we found the sake and onigiri on our second day in Tokyo at an ampm store... the sake was in a very cute little glass jars... very good treat.

we also found out our final morning in Tokyo that the Astros released 2nd baseman Kazuo Matsui while we were in Tokyo... we won the tickets because of his Dream Destination choice and while we were here we watched his old Japanese team the Seibu Lions play... too strange.

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