Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tokyo Day 5: Heading to Sumida-ku

Woke up early Friday morning (5/21), prepared my metro travel routes for our busy day, and headed towards the Sumida ward of Tokyo. First destination - Ryogoku station to watch the May Sumo Basho (tournament).

We seem to have finally mastered Tokyo's metro system, or at least we reached our destination with out any major confusions. (We were met at one station stop by two very nice Japanese men pointing off - not really sure what happened here, but when we looked around we were the only ones on... so we quickly jumped off and got on the next one that arrived.)

After arriving at Ryogoku station - we headed above ground in search of the sumo stadium. We walked up one street while looking around, but couldn't see the stadium so we went inside of a little cafe called "Saint EToile" to get something quick to snack on and try to ask for directions. We found an interesting sandwich that was labeled as a "Sandwich Burger". It appeared to be a breaded chicken sandwich, but I'm pretty positive it wasn't chicken and we never could figure out what type of meat it was. Even though we had no idea what it was - it actually tasted really good. We also shared a small slice of raisin bread.

Completing our interesting morning snack, we got directions from two very nice women who didn't understand our Japanese and couldn't really speak English. They pointed and said something like "straight and straight and go" then pointed to their right and giggled.

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