Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tokyo Day 5: Ginza - Police Museum

After leaving Sumida-ku, we headed to Chuo-ku's Ginza area - where the famous shopping district is located. We didn't go for the shopping though...we were in search of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Museum. As soon as the Beast found out there was a police museum in Tokyo and that I mapped out the location - she has been super excited... (Cops can be such dorks when it comes to police memorabilia especially if you promise them that coffee is nearby!)

The museum was very easy to spot with its giant Pipo-kun outside.

Pipo-kun is the mascot of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. We found him on crime prevention and safety posters throughout the city. Pipo-kun is said to be a combination of several animals; taking the best parts to be the best law enforcement officer: his large ears help him hear people in trouble, his antenna catches quick movements, and large eyes help him watch every corner of society.

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