Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tokyo Day 5: More Police Museum

The Police Museum opened in 1994 and has about 800 exhibits showing the history of the Tokyo police as well as the equipment and technology they use.

The first floor is the only section we could take photos in so we checked out all of the motorcycles on display and hopped into the helicopter for a photo before heading upstairs to the rest of the museum.

The third floor included a section dedicated to police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty - very moving section. There were photos of each of the officers as well as some displays of the uniforms and gear that was worn when the officers lost their lives... with a photo of the officer the gear had belonged to... sad.

After walking through the upper levels of the museum, we headed back to the first level... we had a little talk to the museum host at the front (in the best half Japanese-half English we could muster and SBeast pulling out her badge to better explain when he didn't really understand us)... he seemed very excited when he realized what she had been trying to tell her and gave us a bunch of police goodies including Pipo-kun stickers. As we were heading out of the museum a very nice Tokyo police officer came into the museum and the host told him Syl was an officer too... the host gestured to Syl to show her badge to the officer and then got the officer to pose for a photo with us... we felt very large next to him.

There are four floors in the museum:

1st: The patrol man experience and the photo op gallery with motorcycles and a helicopter.

2nd: Historical documents from the birth of the police department to present day.

3rd: This section honors police who have lost their lives in the line of duty and displays a history of the uniforms and weapons used.

4th: Section dedicated to police forensic science

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