Monday, May 17, 2010

First Japan Toilet Experience

As soon as we landed at Narita we headed to the bathrooms - I was a little anxious since I knew that they had "squatty toilets" here, but knew I should be safe since we were at the airport.

We were standing in line and when the door opened for the first available bathroom - I looked inside and saw a white ceramic hole in the floor! I quickly looked at Syl in fear until we realized there were other stalls that had regular toilets...

They were very nice remote control toilets with a key pad and instructions (in Japanese and odd English)- the instructions said that one button was "Equipment for warm bottom washing" - I made sure I stayed far away from this one... the seats are heated though without choice (or at least we don't know how to turn it off and are too scared to try) - this was very strange feeling...

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