Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ginza Matsya-Dori Dept Store Starbucks x 2

After the police museum, we headed back down Ginza street towards the large Matsuya-Dori department store in search of the first Starbucks of Japan. We got a bonus when we got to Matsuya-Dori and found that there were two Starbucks located in the store... both of these Starbucks had two levels - which is common in Japan...

These two stores were our #3 and #4 Starbucks locations we visited while in Japan.

The store with the dark brick is the location of the first Starbucks built outside of North America and the first Starbucks built in Japan!

After enjoying some awesome Starbucks coffee, we headed back to Ginza-itchome station and on to our final place to visit on our trip... Sengaku-ji.

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